Moving to Texas can be an intimidating proposition. Here are a few tips to help make your move as painless as possible.

Research before you move. There are 254 counties in Texas. Each county offers a variety of topography, culture and housing type. Commuting in Texas is a must, so know what kind of time frame you have prior to selecting your location to get to and from work. 

Have a plan. Lenders are readily available. Rural property lenders specialize in loans geared towards the demands for owning rural property. These could include equipment, barns, fencing, property improvements, and construction. 

Get involved. Getting plugged into your local school district is your best resource for meeting the local folks. Most Texas schools offer a wide assortment of activities for the kids to get involved in. 

Mind your wallet. There are three types of ownership when it comes to rural property. The generation that bought and built it, second generation that maintains it, and the third generation that typically will sell it. Knowing which generation you are dealing with is key to making a strong financial purchase.